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Skin Care Line of Products

Glycerodermine, skin care line of products.

Skin problems:

Caring for skin in summer can be tricky because perspiration often fools us into thinking skin is moisturized, while air conditioning, chlorinated pools and the sun's rays all conspire to dry us out.
The chlorine, salt and sun of summer can rob your skin of essential moisture. Add on the irritation of frequent shaving, and your skin's probably wishing it was winter.As the gray days of winter give way to the blue skies of spring; your skin may begin to feel the soothing effects of warmer, more hydrated air. This is also the time of year when we start thinking about shorts and sundresses again.
You can tell winter has arrived by the condition of your skin. Sapped of moisture by harsh winds and dry indoor air, winter skin is often tight, itchy, rough and irritated. The good news is there are simple steps to combat winter's effects.Dry skin usually has a rough, flaky, or chapped appearance. It can also be itchy and easily irritated. Dry skin occurs when skin loses its moisture content. In very simple terms, your skin does not have enough water in it. There are many factors that can contribute to dry skin including genetics, weather and excessive bathing. Dry skin is most likely to occur during the winter months due to the cold, dry conditions outside and the warm, dry environment of an artificially heated home or office. Additionally, as skin ages, it loses its natural ability to replenish moisture lost throughout the day.Even oily skin can have low moisture levels. That’s why it’s important to use a moisturizer no matter what your skin condition is. For oily skin, be sure to use a moisturizer that’s oil-free.

A moisturizer should be used every morning and night in order to keep skin hydrated and healthy-looking.

GLYCERODERMINE®  - Skin Care Products:

Glycerodermine cream, delivers effective relief for dry, chapped hands, provides 24-hour miniaturization to heal skin–seals in moisture to help prevent dry skin from coming back.

The effective formula relieves dry and stressed hands which are suffering from exposure to various factors such as UV radiation, cold winter air, frequent contact with water etc…
Perfect hand care for in-between & summer months. This hand cream looks after your hands, moisturizing them and giving them a pleasant fresh feel at the same time.

Enjoy the immediate pampering relief for dry skin and the sensation of smooth supple hands effective fresh moisture and soft hands. It actively improves the skin’s elasticity of hands and cares for cuticles. This clinically proven, highly concentrated formula rapidly heals dry hands. It noticeably improves the look and feel of your skin. Hands feel soft and smooth after just one application.

Product specifications: 

  • High Concentration
  • Long Lasting effect
  • Non Greasy                                              
  • Fast absorbing
  • Gentle enough for everyday use on dry, sensitive skin.                                                 
  • Skin is left non-greasy, feeling soft and smooth.                                                                 
  • Refreshes and moisturizes                                                                                                                                        
  • Skin’s own moisture replenishes lost moisture effectively                                                                
  • Soften and smooth even dry, chapped skin




Jolen Bleach Cream
Bleach Cream

Jolen Bleach Cream: Lightens excess dark hair and Not tested on animals

Contains: 1 oz creme and 1/4 oz accelerator

The simplest and safest way for woman to not only lighten their excess dark hair but also give fairness to the skin and complexion. Nourishes and moisturises your skin to give you that smooth and silky feeling. Why settle for less when Jolen have the best for you Features Camouflages facial hair Cleans skin Unique gas flushing action to cleanse skin pores Strong antiseptic to prevent infection Quick convenient Suitable for all types of skin.



Cool Air


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